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Prior Permission and a briefing is ESSENTIAL from Earl W. B. Trollope 01985 840401

Wing Farm Strip  (N51 09.83' W002 12.62') is located 3 nm SSW of Warminster, Wiltshire and 1 nm South of Shear Water Lake. Look for row of poplar trees and aluminium-roofed building.

Wing Farm is a private airstrip. Pilots with suitable aircraft are welcome to fly in, provided that they obey the rules of the airfield (See Below).

It is a grass strip 500m x 26m, aligned 09/27, and is 435ft amsl.  It has a gradient 1.5% UP on Rwy 27.

There is a wind 'T' at the West end. Parking available at the East end.  NO RADIO

Noise abatement: All arrivals and departures from/to the West MUST maintain runway heading.

The owner of RYE HILL FARM, situated approx. 400m SW of the 09 threshold, is extremely sensitive to aircraft overflying his house and buildings.  Failure to use the approved flightpath COULD CAUSE WING FARM AIRFIELD TO BE MADE UNAVAILABLE TO YOU.  It's all up to you: follow the directions below and all will be well.

Beware soft surface January to April.

BE AWARE: Gliding takes at The Park, 3 nm SW

NO FUEL: Nearest petrol station Longbridge Deverill ⅝ mile. Nearest AVGAS at Compton Abbas.

Prior Permission and a briefing is ESSENTIAL from Earl W. B. Trollope 01985 840401


Location from CAA 1:250,000 aeronautical chart

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bullet Wing Farm Photos
bulletAerial photos of Wing Farm location, layout and approaches
bulletWing Farm Weather
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