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The Apache AH Mk.1 is a version of the Boeing (formerly McDonnell-Douglas) AH-64D Longbow Apache, Sixty-Seven of which have been produced under licence by Westland Helicopters Limited of Yeovil, England (as the WAH-64) for the UK's Army Air Corps.

Instead of the General Electric T700-GE-701C engines fitted to the US Army's AH-64Ds, the Apache AH Mk.1 has two Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca RTM-322 engines, similar to those fitted to the Agusta-Westland EH-101 Merlin helicopter.

I have been involved in Test & Evaluation of this helicopter since 1992.  This included a period assessing this aircraft and its competitors for the UK Attack Helicopter Competition before the Apache was selected in 1995.  In 2003, I undertook trials preparation and planning to take the Apache to sea, practical trials for which were successfully undertaken by colleagues in 2004.  The UK will be the first nation to provide a maritime deployment capability for the Apache.

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