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I have held a Private Pilot's Licence since 1984, and make use of it as much as possible.  I have flown in the UK, France, USA and South Africa and intend to add to that list as soon and as much as possible.

Handy Information for UK General Aviation Pilots

bulletHow do I know if my PPL is valid and/or if I'm Current?
bullet Extremely convenient chart by David Pitt from the 'Flyer' Magazine site.
bullet Equivalent chart for Multi-Engine Piston (MEP) pilots
bulletCrossing the Channel - I have attempted to collate all the information that is required for a UK General Aviation Pilot to fly across the Channel (or the Irish Sea) in order to explore the World by personal air transport.
bulletGoing Foreign Aide Memoire
bulletSupporting information for Going Foreign
bulletVFR Flight Plan Form
bullet A5 Format, to fit kneeboard.
bulletHow to fold an Aviation Chart
bullet Instructions on making the chart convenient to use in the cockpit.
bulletMethod originally posted by Duncan McKillop on the Flyer magazine forums/mailing list.

Weather and Flight Planning

bulletAviation Weather and NOTAMs - UK pilots are always preoccupied with the weather, and it is also necessary to review Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) to ensure that the planned route does not pass through an airshow or similar..
bulletFlight Planning - Useful sites for Flight Planning Software and Information.  These products are thoroughly recommended: I have no connection with them other than as a satisfied customer.
bulletNavBox ProPlan

PPL Flying in the United States

bulletWith a little forward planning, you can very easily receive an FAA license based on your CAA or JAA PPL . 
bulletYou can then exercise your licence privileges in the United States so long as your CAA/JAA licence and medical are current, and you fulfill the US currency requirements. (Essentially a Biennial Flight Review - minimum one hour ground school and one hour in flight with an FAA instructor every two years).
bulletNote that you do NOT require a visa UNLESS you are visiting the USA to undertake further "...training that a candidate could use toward a new airmanís certificate or rating." See Transportation Security Agency letter to AOPA
bulletStep-by-Step Process for obtaining an FAA PPL based on your CAA or JAA PPL.
  1. Send the form linked below to the CAA, not forgetting your cheque for £38. (Correct as of Feb 2006)
  2. Give it time to get there (couple of days), and then fax the FAA form (also linked below) to Oklahoma City. (Fax number is on the Form)
  3. Sit back and wait for the letter from the FAA to drop onto your doormat. (The letter that you will then present at your designated FAA Flight Service District Office (FSDO) in order to get your Temporary Airman's Certificate, which you can fly on immediately - the "real" license (sic) will arrive in UK a few weeks later).

    For me, elapsed time between Stages 1 and 3 was 13 calendar days. Pretty good, I thought.

    You don't actually get any docs from the CAA - your form and funds are to to authorise the CAA to respond to an enquiry from the FAA.

    CAA Form: http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/FORSRG1160.pdf

    FAA Form: http://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airmen_certification/media/verify61-75.pdf

    Other Handy Info:

    Locate an FSDO: http://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/field_offices/fsdo/

    FAA info "Foreign Pilots: U.S. Certification"

    Note that the letter you get back from the FAA to present at your chosen FSDO is only valid for 6 months.
bulletFAA Certificates for ICAO Pilots (based on Info from PPL/IR Network)
bullet Guide to gaining an FAA licence based on ICAO documents
bulletThis is the background to the step-by-step process described above.

My Flying

bulletJodel - I have shares in two Jodel aircraft...
bulletJodel DR1051 Special G-AYLC
bulletJodel DR1050M1 Sicile Record G-AYYO
bulletComprehensive Jodel Information at Jodel.com
bulletWing Farm Airstrip - Information for operating from Wing Farm in Wiltshire.
bulletYak 50/52 - For a short period, I had a share in a syndicate that operated Yak 52 and Yak 50 aerobatic aircraft. Superb fun, but sadly I didn't have the time to remain current.

Historical Info

bulletWorld War II Luftwaffe bomber shot down in Hill Deverill, Wiltshire - In 1944, a Luftwaffe bomber intent on raiding Bristol docks was short down by the Royal Air Force and crashed within a few hundred yards of where I now live.
bullet Junkers 88 "4D+FM" crash, Hill Deverill, 24 April 1944


bullet Aviation Photos
bulletSome of my General Aviation and work-related pictures available here

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