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What's this place all about?

This web site was created by David White as a source of information on all sorts of things that I find interesting.  It originated as a means of hosting an unofficial weather observing station for Wing Farm Airstrip in Wiltshire, but has grown to include other bits and pieces, such as some information about a World War II Luftwaffe Junkers bomber that was shot down and crashed near Buckle Cottage in 1944, plus some background on the Apache AH Mk.1 helicopter, with which I have been professionally involved for many years.

Also provided is a collection of information for UK Private Pilots as well as a collation of information required for flying yourself abroad from the UK in light aircraft .

Favourite Links

Local Weather (15 min. updates.  Click image for more Weather)

bulletBBC News website
bulletAvBrief -Flight Briefing for Pilots
bullet Helicopter Fun!
bulletPopular Flying Association
bulletRoyal Society for the Protection of Birds

Photo Album

Communities & Forums

Mainly aviation photos from my time as a Flight Test Engineer at Boscombe Down, plus General Aviation photos of aircraft I have flown and other items of interest.
bullet Flyer Magazine Forum
bulletProfessional Pilot's Rumour Network
bulletPopular Flying Association Bulletin Board
bulletWoodford, Cheshire

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