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General Aviation Photos

Sedona, Arizona

The airfield is a rock aircraft carrier. Photo taken in transit to Flagstaff, then Page AZ.

Grand Canyon

From sight-seeing Twin Otter

Grand Canyon again

Must fly this route myself one day...

Another Grand Canyon view

...although I have flown to the edge of the National Park.

Lake Powell

Feeds into Grand Canyon

Monument Valley

Anyone want to film a Western?

More Monument Valley

A glorious evening, flown from Page, Arizona

Yet more Monument Valley

Superb, isn't it?

Avebury, Wiltshire

English village encircled by stones.

Avebury again

Another viw of the Avebury stone circle and village


Must get a better photo of this.

Uffington White Horse

The oldest chalk horse in England.

Regimental Badges

Cut into the chalk hillside at Fovant, Wiltshire. Dates back to First World War.

Tatiyana 2

Yak 52 I used to own a 1/20 share in.

Tat 2 again

Tragically lost in 2001. RIP Chris.

About to fly in K-13

ASK-13 glider at Upavon Airfield

K-21 at Upavon

This is the glider I soloed in, several years after my first powered solo flight.

PA28-180 at Leadville, Colorado

Flown from North America's highest airfield, Elevation 9927 ft

Aeronca Champ

An aircraft I flew at Flacon Field, Arizona. $33 an hour to rent!

Great Lakes

Aerobatic biplane at Chandler, Arizona. I started the AOPA aeros course in this aircraft.

Photos from Flight Test detachments

Sea King & RFA Sir Tristram

Trials in 1986, after Sir Tristram was repaired following the Falklands War.

"Doris" on Sir Tristram

A&AEE's hack Wessex, on the vehicle deck.

NAF El Centro

Patch from the Naval Air Facility in California

Grumman F-11F Tiger

Gate Guard at El Centro - winter home of the Blue Angels

Posing in front of a Gazelle AH Mk.1

Hot Weather trials at El Centro

El Centro from the North

The mountain in the distance is in Mexico

Gazelle external stores

Hot trials included role equipment assessments

Tethered Hovering

Hover Performance trials at El Centro

Pose again

Why not?

...and again.

I was much thinner then!

El Centro

Overhead view from Gazelle AH Mk.1"Gauntlet 34"


Only up this early on trials

Lynx HAS Mk.3 on HMS Endurance

First of Class Flying trials on the "new" HMS Endurance

HMS Endurance

Previously MV Polar Circle

Another view

Note flight deck and hangar

HMS Endurance Trials Team

Joint military/civilian team detached for two weeks at sea

HMS Brave from Sea King

Type 22 frigate, trials in 1990/91

Trials team disembarks from Sea King

Flight deck rather smaller than it looks

Sea King pre-departure

Confirm four lashings removed

Low speed performance testing

Lynx AH MK.7 Hot & High trials - Leadville, Colorado. North America's highest airfield, Elevation 9927'

Lynx AH Mk.7 Hot and High

Leadville - superb scenery

A&AEE Trials Team

Lynx AH Mk.7, Leadville 1987

Lynx Trials Team at Alamosa

Another Colorado trials site, Elevation ca. 7000 ft

RFA Argus and Sea King

Argus is the fleet Aviation Training Ship

Superstructure, RFA Argus

First of Class Flying Trials. Photo from Lynx HAS Mk.3

Flight Deck, RFA Argus

Five landing spots; Spot 5 represents small ship's spot.

Argus from Lynx

In the Port Wait, until required relative wind is available

RFA Argus

Another view, Lynx passing down starboard side

Lynx on Spot 1, RFA Argus

Taken from Form 700 Office

Sea King air-to-air

From Lynx, returning from RFA Argus FOCFT

Lynx air-to-air

From Sea King, bound to RFA Argus

Lynx over Devon

From open door of Sea King HC Mk.4

Sea King Snow & Icing Trials

Cold soak, Ottawa 1992


Vertical Replenishment at Sea, RNlMS Zuiderkruis

ETPS Sea King over Zuiderkruis

Underlung load delivered by VERTREP

Approaching HNlMS Zuiderkruis

Sea King SHOL trials as ship deploys to support first Gulf War


Sea King holds off, awaiting ship to provide required test relative wind

Denel Rooivalk

During assessment for UK Attack Helicopter Competition. Overberg Test Range, South Africa Nov. '94

Apaches at Mesa

McDonnell-Douglas (now Boeing) factory at Mesa, Arizona. Falcon Field airport in background




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